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Mario Schuster was born in 1955 in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He spent his childhood in contact with nature and observing the behavior of animals. Still pre-adolescent, Mario began to attend the drawing and painting classes of the artist Nesmaro (Nestor Marques Rodrigues, 1917-1981). He graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal University of Pelotas - UFPel (1974-1978), the same university where he entered the Visual Arts Bachelor, graduating in Painting (2004-2007). 

Currently, Mario works on his studio Laguna Atelier & Art Space, located at Pelotas's Laranjal beach, where he promotes exhibitions, debates on art, and art residency.

Aware of the world around him, he seeks reference to his work in everyday situations, in nature, along with images of music and video clips. Even imaginary situations reveal some human feelings in these liquid times, such as urban loneliness, urban violence, social inequality, and racism.


"Mário Schuster's drawings and paintings bring the look of an artist/scientist, an attentive observer of the phenomena of the contemporary world.
In the paintings, his quick brushstrokes express a personal universe full of concerns.
They are records of a world in crisis, made up of instabilities, risks, and diffuse perspectives. They are self-portraits of all of us, who cohabit
this time when all certainties evaporate and hope is always manifested in small acts."

- Neiva Bohns (Pelotas, 1961)

Visual Arts historian and critic. A professor at the UFPel Arts Center, she teaches courses on History of Art, Theory and Criticism of the Arts and Contemporary Art.

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